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Resources for Patients

The best cancer care starts with the best cancer information – patients who are well-informed are their own best advocates and serve as invaluable partners for physicians. ICI brings expertise and resources to people living with cancer and to those who care for and about them, providing timely, comprehensive information to help patients make informed health care decisions. ICI offers a collection of oncologist-approved patient education materials called.

Patient Education Materials Available Through ASCO

  • ASCO Answers Guides to Cancer: These comprehensive, patient-friendly guides contain trusted information about the diagnosis, treatment, side effects, and psychosocial effects of specific cancers, and include questions for patients to ask their health care team. The guides contain space for patients to record the specifics of their individual diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • ASCO Answers Guide to Cancer Survivorship: This resource helps patients better understand survivorship, including its psychological, physical, sexual, reproductive, financial, and work-related challenges. The guide also includes recommendations for follow-up care and a blank treatment summary and survivorship care form that patients can fill out with the help of their health care team.
  • ASCO Answers Guide to Caregiving: This workbook-style guide provides help for people caring for someone with cancer. The guide includes practical tips, advice for communicating with family and the health care team, and blank pages to help track medications and coordinate caregiving tasks.
  • Fact Sheets: A one-page (front and back) introduction to a specific type of cancer or cancer-related topic, including an overview of the subject, terms to know, and questions to ask the doctor.
  • Advanced Cancer Care Planning: A booklet designed to help people with advanced cancer and their families understand the diagnosis and treatment options, discuss these options for care throughout the course of the illness, and find support.
  • Managing Your Weight After a Cancer Diagnosis: This booklet empowers patients to talk with their health care team about losing weight and find resources to help them reach their goals. Available in English, French, and Spanish.
  • Palliative Care: A booklet to help patients and families improve their quality of life after a cancer diagnosis.
  • Stopping Tobacco Use After a Cancer Diagnosis: A booklet that explains how patients can talk with their health care team about their tobacco use, the health benefits of quitting, various methods patients can use to quit using tobacco. The guide also includes lists of helpful resources, such as help lines and mobile apps. Available in both English and Spanish.
  • Order promotional materials: Inform your patients about Cancer.Net using referral cards, postcards, cancer information prescription pads, and posters. For more information about ASCO patient information resources, call 888-651-3038, email Cancer.Net, or visit the Cancer.Net website.


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